About Us

Screening & Logistical Services

We provide a comprehensive range of screening and logistical services to Airports, Airlines, Regulated Suppliers and Regulated Agents

Through a wide range of experiences, we have identified a number of supply chain issues that individually, may not be big enough for a single entity to address. However, at SES, we do things differently. We have addressed these issues and provide a range of services to help you solve one, or more, or all of your supply chain needs.

Some of the issues identified are companies missing delivery slots, not enough on-site storage space, more transport required, security screening providers at, and beyond, capacity, and last minute urgent deliveries that require security screening.

How We Can Help

At SES Screening & Logistics we can solve all these issues for you.

With immense combined knowledge and experience of airports, airlines, security operations, security screening, logistics, and having access to over 35 storage sites across the UK, with an unrivalled transport support network (including chilled & frozen).

We are able to provide an end-to-end consolidation and logistics service, where you can pick & choose the service or services you require, and all our services are available as ad-hoc, bespoke, short term or long term.

Our Services Include

UK wide secure collection

UK wide secure delivery

Secure storage of screened & unscreened goods

Security screening of Airport Supplies

Security screening of In-Flight Supplies

Security screening of Air Cargo

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